Scott Von Doviak writes about movies and lesser things for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, The A.V. Club, Nerve and other fine publications. His books include Hick Flicks: The Rise and Fall of Redneck Cinema and If You Like The Terminator. He is currently working his way through the IMDb Bottom 100 list, for reasons he has never been able to adequately explain.


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Hi Scott

    I absolutely understand your pain. I’m currently trying the same thing with bottom 100 movies. It’s painful and horrific nearly all the time and it’s totally unforgiving. Our lists are different, but there are quite a lot of crossovers. Originally I was going to do the same as you and start a blog about it, but I’m far too lazy so it never got off the ground. So, I am here to beg. Currently, I cannot find a copy of Anus Magillicutty. All the usual online retailers don’t stock it, eBay has no listings and some specialist out of print retailers don’t have it either. I can’t get anything resembling the full film from YouTube and the only torrent I could find has stopped at 60% and won’t move. Do you know of anywhere that I could get a copy or would you be willing to runs copy off for me? I would of course pay for any costs and your time. Also, if there’s anything you are struggling to find or I can help you get then I would be more than happy to help. I’m based in the UK so if there’s anything you need from over here let me know. And, if you just need moral support for this ridiculous endeavour, I can do that to.

    Anyway, good luck and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon



    P.S. I had written a similar message that then appeared not to send. If it did, apologies for sending almost identical messages

    • vondoviak says:

      Hi Paul – Wish I could help, but I can’t recall where I found Anus Magillicutty. I’ll check through my DVD-Rs to see if I might have burned a copy, but it’s been years, and I may not have kept a copy. (In fact, I don’t know why I would have, but you never know…)

  2. I just realised this blog only has a handful of followers. What’s with that? Have people unfollowed because you haven’t updated regularly? Well, just letting you know there is someone out there that really likes your reviews. If you come back to it I’ll be waiting. Would love to see you finish the list!

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