Welcome to Unwatchable

Greetings, and welcome to the (temporary, at least) home of Unwatchable. For more than a year, I have been working my way up the IMDb’s Bottom 100 list – the one hundred worst movies of all time, as determined by you, the IMDb user. Of course, the list is an ever-evolving proposition, but I’ve been pretty consistent about working from the same version of the list I downloaded when I embarked upon this project, save a substitution here or there when a particular movie proved impossible to locate. Until now, Unwatchable has been a regular feature at Nerve’s film blog The Screengrab. But now the Screengrab is no more, so while I search for a new home for Unwatchable, this is your one stop shopping site for all the archives as well as new entries.

If you’re a fan of Unwatchable and would like to see the project through to its completion, I’m going to be crass enough to suggest that you use the Paypal donation button on the right-hand side of your screen. I wish I could say Unwatchable is a labor of love for me, but to paraphrase the late, great Bud Shrake’s script for Songwriter, “I did it for the love, but I was not above the money.” With the Screengrab now defunct, I’m scrambling to fill the hole in my wallet, so this site is going to be a low priority for me if it brings no reward. That’s just a sad fact of life here in today’s wintry economic climate. So if this feature has brought you any pleasure in the past year and change, why not drop a few coins in the slot and help keep it going? You didn’t need that Diet Coke anyway.

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